Corsair colorful gaming gear combo under 400$



If you are a fan of colorful LED, Corsair products will surely please you.
Following the success with several products such as the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard and then the Corsair STRAFE RGB, Corsair captured the tastes of computer users and continuously introduced more products that has the ability to change the LED color. From gaming mouse, headphones, some new keyboard models, or even a colorful mouse pad.
With such a mighty army, these "decorative" items can ensure a bright light in a corner of your gaming room.
Simplicity, let's get to know each device, because even when working separately, they can easily impress the user.

1. Corsair K70 LUX RGB keyboard

This product is an upgrade from the legendary K70 RGB. Still a build with most of the metal components like the previous version, the LUX version has some small improvements, hard to recognize but still bring efficiency and user experience.

Compared to the previous K70 RGB, the K70 LUX RGB used a new keycap font, which, in my opinion, was nicer. This type of keycap resembles Corsair's STRAFE keyboard.
Next, according to the manufacturer, the K70 LUX RGB has a new controller, which manages the LED effect, and stores it in small internal memory, so whether it is plugged into any computer it still has a saved profile.

The biggest change is probably the switch type used by the new keyboard, the Cherry RGB switch with built-in RGB LEDs, which is different from the standard switch used in the past. Other components and features remain the same.
The experience with the Corsair K70 LUX RGB is quite good. I can not use the word "excellent" for this product, but for a casual user, a gamer, and aesthetically pleasing, the Corsair RGB is enough to deliver a pretty good click feeling.
Finally, despite the upgrade, surprisingly the price of K70 LUX RGB is a bit cheaper than the regular version, only about: $140.99.

2. M65 RGB PRO gaming mouse

Again an upgraded version, the M65 RGB PRO is almost identical to its predecessor the M65 RGB. This gaming mouse has been heavily upgraded from the inside, with a sensor core of up to 12,000 DPI, compared to 8200 on the previous product.

About the design, the M65 RGB PRO is quite large especially the two sides to create a very firmly holding feeling. But with a rather big hand like me, using the M65 RGB PRO for a long time is still a little uncomfortable, which I have not encountered when using a gaming mouse other than the same size but compact than.
Another point that is not really satisfactory, perhaps the smooth surface of the M65 RGB PRO, after a period of use, sweat will make this smooth surface very easy to stain. However, cleaning it is also quite simple.

Still with the same structure and keys, the M65 RGB PRO receives a significant upgrade right in front of the Corsair logo printed on the surface. The new sail's logo is more beautiful and its brightness is also larger than the old logo.
The keys have great bounce rate and the sound is acceptable. The "Aim" button on the left is not really "clear", but I have never slipped in the final moments when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
At present, the Corsair M65 RGB PRO is retailing at a price of $39.99, and what it brings to me can beat any competitor in price range, both in terms of performance and eye-catching design.

3. VOID RGB Headset

This is Corsair's flagship gaming headset at the moment from both design and sound. With a fairly flexible design, it's still extremely powerful. The VOID RGB delivers a comfortable, even long-wearing feel. This is definitely one of the most comfortable wearing gaming headset on the market.

The noteworthy point is that VOID RGB can operate wireless or wired, via an attached cable or a receiver. Through the experience of a few days, the signal and feedback between the two connection ways do not have any difference, so the use of wireless will be a perfect choice for gamer.
You do not need to worry about the battery life of VOID RGB. According to Corsair, it can operate up to 16 hours when fully charged. The combined experience of playing games and watching movies shows that its battery life is close to the manufacturer's specs, nearly 14 hours.

The sound on this headset is not "trivial". Powered by Dolby 7.1 technology, the experience is quite good, unlike any other 7.1-branded headset on the market. Space in dramatically reproduced, it is hard to discourage this headset from the sound that it delivers.
The micro of VOID RGB is also a strong point, especially for gamer. Everything is very clear, there is no loss of sound, noise is neat, even I can confidently turn on the speaker while playing the game and use the microphone to talk to friends without getting any complaints.
Finally, the most special thing, but I think the most useless is the RGB LED on both sides. It is very beautiful, impressive, but it does not bring any real effect, simply because you can not see the light when wearing a headset, not to mention the continuous brightness LED also drain battery.
The current price of this headset is: $79.99.

4. Mouse Pad LED RGB MM800 POLARIS

Before the Corsair MM800 POLARIS, you might have heard of Razer Firefly and LED mouse pad from lesser-known brands.

With a hard surface, the MM800 POLARIS will soon wear down your mouse feet, the feeling of rolling is somewhat unfamiliar and difficult to familiarize. But the colorful it brings is impeccable.

RGB LEDs run around the edges, can control speed and color with the Corsair Link application and actually the corner of my room has glowed up to make anyone impressed.

The current price of this headset is: $49.99.
Overall, with the Corsair colorful gaming gear combo with total price under 400$, surely their quality as well as experience can not be bad. With a number of advantages, this combo still has some limitations, however, for each user, its ability to satisfy is somewhat different. If you are a fan of stripe color changing LEDs, the Corsair brand is definitely the # 1 choice!