Samsung CFG70 : The best 24 inches and 27 inches curved gaming monitor



In recent years, there are many high end gaming monitor of Samsung has been given quite high rating. And with CFG70 series, Samsung continues to provides new flagship monitors for Gamers. This series contains 2 size: 24 inches and 27 inches with curved gaming monitor and quantum dot display technology.
Samsung CFG70 : The best 24 inches and 27 inches curved gaming monitor
Samsung CFG70 : The best 24 inches and 27 inches curved gaming monitor


The box have normal size with basic information of the monitor: Product name, custom function for gamer such as:  1ms screen latency, 144Hz refresh rate, quantum dot technology, curved panel 1800R and some display options. 
unbox Samsung CFG70

Inside the box, we have the display cable, adapter, rounded bracket and steel hanger. Under these thing is the main monitor in between of 2 foam sheets. The box is pretty high because of the flexible hanger that allow Gamer to change the height and angle of the screen was fixed to the monitor. 
Samsung CFG70 unbox
Samsung CFG70 unbox

The rounded brackets is very cool, it also have the buckling to hold the display cable and the power cord to keep your gaming desk uncluttered.

Samsung CFG70 unboxing

 The screen 

Get back to the screen, if the rounded bracket is the first impression so the 1800R curved screen with the connection ports and control button system is the second impression. Instead of "gaming style", Samsung using the minimalist style with all the entire cover of the classic black screen that is common in many other Samsung products. The chevron-shaped case that creates a subtle beauty that fits well with the overall look of the monitor.
Samsung CFG70

The connection ports

Right below the swivel joint is a full range of connection ports that allow the Gamer to select a gaming display: 19V power port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port , a jacks for warranty and Audio output port 3.5. Unlike previous series that use HDMI 2.0, the CFG70 series uses a new HDMI connection, allowing you to play games at 144Hz instead of just 60Hz (Full HD resolution). 
Samsung CFG70 connection ports

 Installation and customization

To use the built-in CFG70's Freesync feature, you should need to use AMD's graphics card. However, not all AMD products have the ability to drag the game to the maximum configuration. So in this test, we will use another powerful graphics card but not support AMD Freesync, which is Nvidia GTX 1080.
Connecting your monitor to your computer through both DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 also allows you to increase the refresh rate of the CFG70 up to 144Hz. Usually with other monitor, whenyou need to use DVI Dual link or DP link, but rarely integrating this technology for HDMI. After connecting and customizing the resolution, just press the back light button to customize the display mode. The game mode options or display modes such as sRGB, high brightness or individual game modes such as FPS, RTS, MOBA can be adjusted very quickly.
Samsung CFG70 setting

 Gaming experience 

While the 144Hz screen is not new thing to gamer, Samsung's Quantum Dot technology has turned the CFG70 into a unique product. The tone of the color is brilliant, deep and fast, which makes Gamer almost forget all the faults of previous generations gaming monitor such as the color difference, simply because the CFG70 is capable of being able to display 151.5% sRGB color range. Trying with the shooter game, the 24 inches curved screen really brings a never-before-seen experience. Samsung advertised their screen capable of reproducing 125% of the sRGB range, but the results proved they seemed to be a bit overly modest about their product.

Meanwhile, in terms of brightness, we measured 266 nits, far surpassing many other gaming monitors on the market today. Of course, there are other larger brightness display, but the 3000: 1 ratio is extremely suitable for night-owl Gamer who want enough brightness to create an impressive gaming world and also to protect the eyes. If you want to surf the web or read a book, you can choose Eye Saver mode on the main menu, with only 3 clicks this option can be activated.

Samsung CFG70 game

Key features

  • 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution 
  • VA panel with quantum dot layer 
  • 144Hz refresh rate 
  • 1800R curve 
  • Adaptive sync (FreeSync) support 
  • 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 
  • Manufacturer: Samsung


In overall, the Samsung CFG70 has almost no direct competitors. There is hardly any other gaming monitor that features both a convenient design, a Quantum Dot curved display, and a refresh rate of 144Hz. For those who care about the screen, they can completely eliminate the fear of false colors, on of the most common problem of previous generations of gaming monitor.