Kingston UV400 480GB - SSD has never been so cheap and good like this



SSD has been a luxury storage device, as not all gamer can afford to pay a that amount of money to own a SSD to install Windows as well as install games to enhance the game loading speed. But that was the past. Now every gigabyte of data stored on SSD is very cheap, and there are many manufacturers also entering the price competition.

Among them, Kingston is a famous manufacturer with fair price from UV400 product family. Previously, the UV400 series, short for Ultra Value, was manufactured by Kingston for the Russian, Indian and Mexican markets. However, when we realize that the demand for cheap SSD market is so big, they extend the market into many other countries. At present, Kingston's UV400 series comes in three versions, 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB. The product we are experiencing and give you the reader the detailed evaluation below is the 480GB version.


When you buy the Kingston UV400 SSD, you have two options. One is that the Kingston blister pack can not be simpler, with the centerpiece of the hard-shell metal hard drive as shown below. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase an upgrade kit with a power cable, SATA cables and a 3.5-piece bracket to fix the screw into the case. If you buy Bundle Kit, the price of the product will be more expensive approximately 30$ compared to only buy SSD.

Although only a middle range product, but Kingston is willing to provide a three-year warranty for their products.

The total weight of the SSD only over 50g, although the entire shell is made of metal. The big Kingston logo covered the front panel instead of stickers with product information posted on the SSD like many other products. This makes the UV400 480GB appearance is not cheap at all.

Inside this SSD, we can see the Marvell 88SS1074 controller, Nanya's 512MB RAM LPDDR3 cache, and 16 15M NAND Toshiba chips, each with 32GB capacity. Once installed into the computer, reformat the hard drive, the UV400 480GB-certified computer has a capacity of 447GB used. One thing to keep in mind is the read and write capabilities of this SSD drive increase in proportion to the size of the product. With the 120GB model, the maximum write speed is only 350MB/s, while on the 480GB model, this speed is up to 500 MB/s, and the read speed is 550MB/s.
Actually, in the tests, the read / write speed of the UV400 480GB is very impressive: 547/530 MB/s via ATTO Disk Benchmark. Of course, not all UV400 series products can achieve this number, and the UV400 960GB will be much faster than this.

In terms of read / write speeds comparable to those in the same 480GB segment, Kingston is not inferior to any other product, even using TLC NAND planar technology. At first, I guess the UV400 only can reach at most 4,500 points when tested with the Anvil application, full drive mode 75% capacity. But not, UV400 does not accept this number and reaches nearly 4,900 points.

If the Kingston UV400's read data capabilities were average, the sudden change in speed was relatively minor, and the reads were relatively low compared to the competitors in the same segment. Experiment with CS: GO and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds booting from SSD as well as HDD, the difference is huge.


Finally, the era of cheap SSD has begun. With products such as the Kingston UV400, the SSD is no longer a luxury device, even though the highest-end products are always at a premium, accompanied by remarkable performance. But we cannot underestimate an undeniable P/P product like the UV400 480GB. Check it price on Amazon: