ASUS VA326H gaming monitor: affordable price for 144Hz, Curved, Flicker free, Low Blue Light monitor.



Every gamer always wants to have a supper high-end computer to play games smoothly. In addition to a monster PC, the monitor is also an especially important component to ensure the smoothness of the display. As we all know,  the high-end PC will be able to export hundreds of frames per second while the refresh rate of common monitors is only 60Hz. In order to increase the smoothness of the experience, the gaming monitor with at least 144Hz refresh rate is extremely necessary.
However, an inherent disadvantage of the 144Hz monitors on the market is the poor display color. This is an inevitable feature of the TN panel. Meanwhile, the IPS 144Hz screen is too expensive. In order to neutralize both needs, ASUS have shifted to VA panels to have both high refresh rate and decent color display. Not only that, the VA 144Hz panel is usually more than 30 inches in size and sometimes curved monitors.

Leading the trend, ASUS just introduce the VA326H screen at extremely attractive prices, only $459.36 & FREE Shipping. At this price, you will own a 32-inch curved monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate.



The box is full information with the outstanding features of the product such as 1080p resolution, 178 degrees wide viewing angle, curved display, 144Hz refresh rate ... as well as pictures of the monitor. This box is also an "eco box" with 100% recyclability as well as simple black and white to protect the environment as much as possible.

Accessories of the VA326H are quite diverse with manuals, DVI-D wires, D-Sub wires, 3.5mm wires and power cord. Having a D-Sub cable seems like a bit confusing to ASUS because there are quite a few video cards equipped with D-Sub ports. If replaced by an HDMI cable, it would be perfect.

The design VA326H follows the minimalist style. The aluminum base look decent and strong support for the 8kg monitor. 


  • Panel Size: Wide Screen 31.5"(80.1 cm) 16:9
  • Panel Backlight / Type : VA
  • True Resolution : 1920x1080 *
  • Display Viewing Area(HxV) : 698.4 x 392.85 mm
  • Display Surface Non-glare
  • Brightness(Max) : 300 cd/㎡
  • Contrast Ratio (Max) : 3000:1
  • ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 100000000:1 
  • Viewing Angle (CR≧10) : 178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Response Time : 4ms (Gray to Gray)
  • Flicker free 
  • Curved Panel : 1800R

The VA326H's ports are hidden in the back quite neatly. From the left is the power port, DVI-D, HDMI, D-Sub, audio output port and headphone port. Despite the size of 32 inches, this monitor still has a built-in power source instead of a removable source. Using a D-Sub port while not using DisplayPort is probably a cost-cutting design for ASUS. I'm sure 90% of people who buy this monitor will not use D-Sub.

Gaming experience

The large size of the VA326H makes it an ideal monitor for racing games. With my GTX 1080Ti, Need for Speed 2015 is actually tiger-winged by the VA326H because it can take advantage of the large number of frames that the video card can output every second. The 144Hz refresh rate makes every movement of the car when driving the crab or drift is extremely smooth. Actually, if you are a fast-paced gamer, I strongly recommend that you do not try the VA326H because it's addictive and you will hardly be able to go back to playing the 60Hz monitor or the normal TV screen.

A minus point of this screen is the resolution. With the constraints of the current technology, it is difficult for manufacturers to deliver 2K or 4K resolution to a 144Hz screen. Therefore, the image on the VA326H when viewed at close range is not really sharp because the 32 inch screen combined with 1920x1080 resolution will only bring DPI 68.84. Eye distance and screen for my VA326H is recommended to be about 75cm to 1m or more.
Large size is also an obstacle for VA326H in approaching CS: GO. In this slightly less-than-typical game, players typically choose between 24 or 27 inches. For me, the VA326H is best suited for action games ranging from racing game or shooting game such as Call of Duty or Battlefield .
ASUS VA326H is even equipped with two 2W RMS stereo speakers. This pair of speakers is only just for situation when your gaming speaker or headphone are broken. Indeed, it would be exaggerated to ask for more in a monitor that is equipped with so many high-end technologies like this.


ASUS VA326H is a good monitor, equipped with a lot of high-end technology at an extremely affordable price. Despite the lack of DisplayPort or limited audio quality, this is still a viable option for gamer who are intending to own or have a high end PC and equipped with high-end graphics cards. The price is very good compare to its 32 inches, curved screen, 144Hz refresh rate, you will hardly be able to find a better product than this monitor.